Extending our hearts and hands to the lost and hurting

Field Report For 2016-17 Season                                             


We praise God for who He is and what He has done through Extended Hands Int. Ministries. We praise God as we enter our 16th year of ministry to the nations of Africa. In this time we have seen over 10,000 people accept Christ as their personal savior, people delivered from demonic bondages, people healed, and people transformed into productive members of their churches and communities. All this has come about through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why it is of utmost importance that this Gospel continues to be proclaimed throughout the nations.

“… how shall they hear unless there is a preacher, and unless that preacher is sent?... ” (Romans 10:14,15 KJV)

Africa is a continent that is devastated by wars, poverty, disease, death, and above all spiritual darkness. Terrorists abound and their focus is on the church of Jesus Christ. They are burning down churches and killing Christians. During altar calls and outdoor evangelistic outreaches they have been known to throw grenades into the crowds. The darkness of evil and death is spreading and this is precisely why the light and life of Christ is needed more than ever. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church, but it is our job to continue to spread this message of the Gospel to push back against the darkness.

We at EHIM see the urgent need and are committed to take God’s word to the nations of  the world. 2016 has proved to be our most fruitfull year yet. We had an opportunity to minister in Zambia, and Kenya  for 2 months. During this time we held Outdoor Evangelistic Outreaches, Pastors and Leaders Training and Empowerment Seminars , Revival Meetings.

All these things are only possible when we come together as one to push back against the darkness so that the light and life of Christ may go forth to save, heal, deliver, and transform lives. This is a key moment in history where you can partner with us to affect the lives and destinies of thousands. We need to hear from you as soon as possible as our support comes mainly from those like yourself that want to make an impact in the lives of others.

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  Youth initiative project (44% of total population of Africa is children)We want to continue youth conferences/outreaches in Africa once again and we’re believing God for greater numbers for salvation.

Rural Church Initiative project--We have had many pastors and leaders conferences in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, and Zambia but we will now be having a specific emphasis to teach and train pastors/leaders in rural towns. We are launching our Rural Church Initiative conference for pastors/leaders this necessary training that will empower them to bring transformation to their churches, towns, and globally.

Crusade Initiative project--Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ into regions that still have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its power to save, deliver, heal, and transform lives.

This Great Commission is not for some, but for all who are in Christ.

You can join us through your prayers and through the giving of your tax deductible donation. This is a work that requires all of us to do something for the Glory of His Name. Let us all carry the cause of the Cross of Christ. Pray, Give, and Go!

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William Carey considered to be the “father of modern missions movement” said, “Expect great things; attempt great things.”
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